Transcendent is a reality docuseries focusing on a 21st-century cultural perspective: what it’s like to be transgender in America today. The six-episode “Transcendent” documents the triumphs and struggles of five bold, vibrant trans women who not only perform together at the famous AsiaSF Cabaret and Restaurant in San Francisco but unite to create a surrogate family. By profiling career-driven women Bambiana, Blonka, LA, Nya and Xristina who proudly dance and perform at one of California’s most sophisticated cabarets, the series gives a new spin to living freely, conquering new beginnings, and shamelessly creating one’s own destiny.

Being able to walk into a room and have everyone stare at you, and not for the wrong reason.

Season 1


Worth it

OUt with the Old, in with the New

Tension in the Tenderloin

Reality Checks

Eye of the Beholder

Facing the Truth

Season 2


Family Feud

Love Stakes


Life Goals

Pressure Point

Family Ties



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