FLAWLESS is an examination of the lives of characters brought together by a unique restaurant that celebrates life and shares that experience with its customers. But don’t be fooled, like any family, not all the sisters get along. From Botox to short skirts, low tops to wardrobe malfunctions, these ladies will do almost anything to get noticed and acknowledged as the Alpha-Female. Whether it’s shopping for Christian Louboutin heels at high-end fashion stores in Union Square or going on a romantic date with their model boyfriend, these ladies aren’t afraid to say exactly what is on their mind, and what’s on their mind isn’t always ladylike. But like family, they are also willing to celebrate the good times as well, from a wine trip to Napa, or an excursion to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, these ladies share their stories and dreams with each other, in the hopes of becoming FLAWLESS.

Sizzle 2

In 2013 the network requested a character sizzle to be created.


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